40hp Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes over 100hp and Gear Boxes we use for custom conversions

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01-008 Shear Bolt Input Shaft

Including S/H

01-009 6 Spline Input Shaft

Including S/H

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40hp Gear Boxes have the following characteristics:

  • A 1-3/8" dia. input shaft either Shear Bolt or Splined
  • 4 mounting bolts arranged in an evenly spaced square pattern w/ a bolt on both sides of the input shaft. Bolt spacing 4-3/4" from hole to hole.
  • The output shaft is 1.57" dia. and has 12 tapered splines
  • Gear Box ratios generally available from 1:1.47 to 1:1.93
  • 4' Cutters generally use 1:1.93 or 1:1.47 gearboxes
  • 5' and 6' Light and Standard Duty cutters generally use the 1:1.47 ratio boxes