I have been told that people like to have some idea of who (or is it whom) they are dealing with.

My name is Dawson Jones and I have been an Air Traffic Controller with the USAF during the time of the "police action" in Korea, a Production Equipment Designer with Ford Motor Co., and a professional photographer for 33 years.

During this time I acquired a Private Pilots License. I went on to get a Multiengine Engine license with Commercial and an Instrument Rating.

My wife and I retired to the family farm at Mount Orab, Ohio in 1993. We lived there until we moved to the Dayton, Ohio area in December of 2013.

In 2003 I started selling on eBay and over the last several years I have been able to establish a reputation for dealing fairly and with integrity.

In 2007 Vanessa Myers, our daughter came to work for us, we truly became a family business.

When you find the items you need on Tractors And Equipment Online you can rest assured that I have done everything possible to search out the highest quality product for the price.

You won't find any "smoke and mirrors" on our web site. I believe that people have to be able to trust you before they will send you a sizeable sum of money sight unseen, especially over the Internet.

We would rather lose money on a sale once in a while than have a questionable reputation. Of course, losing money is no fun but, it sure provides incentive to deal fairly, and I hope that when you leave the web site or hang up after talking with us you will have enjoyed the experience.

In late 2013 we moved to Miamisburg, Ohio. This is in the Dayton area.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you're ever in the Miamisburg area don't be a stranger. Give us a call and I'll buy you a cup of coffee.