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I received the gearbox, installed it, and am back in business. It was a perfect fit! I had searched for so long with no luck and had already resolved to go ahead and buy a new brush hog. You responded just in the knick of time and saved me over $900. You are awesome and I can't thank you enough!

May God Bless You!

Steve, AR

Mr Jones,

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the gearbox this afternoon and would like to thank you for your very friendly service and also very prompt service…..The box appears to be a lot more heavier duty than the original and I’m sure that I’m gonna be very satisfied.

Also, am very satisfied with the price that you charged me.
Thank you……..

Mick, MI

To whom ever wants great service:

My John Deere LX5 bush hog gear box exploded one afternoon when I hit a rock against the stump pan. I was not misusing the bush hog. When I hit the rock I thought the blades hit. They did not hit, only the stump pan hit. When that happened all four bolt holes exploded apart. I was using a 3/8” sheer pin at the time this happened. I contacted 2 local John Deere dealers to get a price on a new gear box. I was not happy with the service I received. $800.00 for a new gear box was the best price they would quote me. When I asked about getting just an empty gear box, I was told that was not possible. I explained to the dealers that this was a John Deere bush hog. It should hold up better than the competition so I have been told. They told me this gear box is a light duty box on these small bush hogs. They had never heard of this happening before. No one cared to even look at it. I had a Ford tag along before this John Deere. It was the same size unit with a heavier gear box and a ½” sheer pin. I hit rocks, stumps, and the ground with it and it may sheer the pin. I had that Ford for 13+ yrs. It was used well used when I bought it.

To continue: frustrated I contacted Mr. Dawson and he helped me figure out which gear box I could use. Keep in mind this is all happening over the phone. In minutes he had it figured out. He sent me drawings with dimensions and the quote. I verified the drawings and called Dawson back with the information. (This new gear box is a heavier unit at approx. 1/3 of the JD price)

He sent me the parts required to repair my bush hog. I received the ordered parts in just a few days. Everything went together great and now I am a very satisfied customer.

When I need parts in the future guess who I will call???

If anyone wants to contact me to verify this, Dawson has my phone number.

Thanks again Dawson for your patience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Leon, Spartanburg SC

Gear Box worked great -- after we changed out the yokes and swapped the shafts from one end to the other, etc. -- thanks for putting that all together!

Josh, Texas

us. It's a lost art of great customer service and a knowledge of your product that can't be found anymore. God bless you and thank you. Here is a picture of the gearbox mounted on a 1/2" plate, it made the blade height perfect.

Buckey, Texas