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Welcome to the new web site for
We are the ones to contact when you need an aftermarket gear box or driveline.
Check out the box below for details on how to order your replacement gear box or driveline.
We also have replacement gearbox shaft kits
for the John Deere MX rotary cutters and
gearboxes for the Batwing cutters

Hello again,
My web site provider went out of business and left me hanging without the ability to converse with my customers. Needless to say I was very upset.
The best part of my business was talking with the friends I've made over the years. I thought it was because of the fall and winter lows combined with the inflation and  the 'Putin Price hike'. No such luck. I was cut loose to fend for myself.
So, we're back, a little older and hopefully a whole lot wiser.

There is more to come on this site. I will be adding more pages here.
Until then, please call me at 937-242-6637 or use the box below to send an email.

Hope to hear from you soon, Dawson

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